Flavour Manufacturers Association of Canada

The Flavour Manufacturers Association of Canada is the incorporated body of companies who create, manufacture and/or market flavours and flavouring preparations for the Canadian food, beverage and allied industries.

FMAC provides information to members on legislative trends and regulatory issues

The work of FMAC is performed through the efforts of industry executives and scientists supported by professional advisors

FMAC organizes forums for the discussion and resolution, by members, of Flavour Industry issues


Provides information and understanding of the Flavour Industry and its products to governments and other associations.

Encourages co-operative working relationships with Industry groups using the Flavour Industry’s products.

The Board of Directors, consisting of the Officers of the Association and two additional members-at-large, all actively affiliated with a member company in good standing, determine the general policy and control the management of the Association.

The officers are the President, Vice President Technical and Secretary-Treasurer.

The Technical Council, consisting of technically competent individuals engaged in scientific, technical or manufacturing functions in their respective companies, investigate and work on regulatory, scientific and technical issues.